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A question I get asked a lot from businesses that already have an Order Management system in place is; Why should they upgrade to an Order Management system that works well with Mobile Customers like MoblTabl.

Before I start answering that let me show some numbers.

58% of American Adults have a smart phone                                                       

4 out of 5 consumers use smart phones to shop                                                   

34 percent have made a purchase using their mobile phone compared to 19 percent in 2011                   


The Answer:

My response is usually with 3 questions

Question 1, Does your current Order Management System help you target your mobile and online customers, if not how expensive will it be to convert it to support M-Commerce and E-Commerce.

Usually the answer is hmm, it doesn’t support my online sales and in the case of enterprise Order Management solutions it supports it but converting it to be able to utilize this feature means a lot of capital.

I would like to point out that supporting your online customers doesn’t just mean being able to direct them to a website that shows your products.

In cases where the first answer is yes we do support our online customers I ask the next.

Question 2, Looking at your online sales can you identify certain key metrics relating your sales to geographic locations. Like, which part of town are most of my sales coming from? Or where do my high spenders live or in a stadium or arena scenario where are most of my sales occurring?

The reason I ask this question is mainly because knowing how most Enterprise Order Management systems work I know that most of them were developed at a time when most sales happened from Brick and Mortar stores. They still see E-Commerce and M-Commerce as just an extension of their Brick and Mortar sales, so they don’t care about all the new data that Mobile Order Management systems can bring in. Like geo-locations, type of devices being used, operating systems etc.

Now that I have got their attention I throw out

Question 3, If a new OS patch comes out, your system crashes or even if you get hit by a virus how would it affect your business? Consider a scenario of a stadium, an arena or even a large store; do you have to be tied to a desk to see all the Order Management data? Can you walk around interact with to your customers or even walk the floor and still be able to access your Order Management System. Lets say you notice more of your sales are coming from the west side can you react in real time to it or do you have to wait for a day to get reports and realize what was happening.

Usually by now the point has been made and folks have been convinced.

Here is how we at MoblTabl think those 3 questions should be answered.

Question 1, Your Order Management system should not only be mobile ready but should be targeting those customers. Your website should look both in appearance and functionality that it was built for your mobile customers.

     Remember most Enterprise Order Management systems were written for Brick and Mortar stores with an extension for M-Commerce and E-Commerce. Sales channels have changed since these Enterprise Order Management systems were developed, today the channel is tipping more towards mobile sales and less towards over the counter sales.

Question 2, The importance of geo-location, type of device or operating system even the time of day the order is coming through is very important. This helps business not only customize campaigns to different groups but also helps see changing trends in consumer purchases long before it happens.

Question 3, The need for a solution that isn’t affected by OS or even the type of devices is paramount in todays ever changing hardware landscape. In todays mobile age where you can check on your favorite team or even make your million dollar stock purchase all from your smart device why shouldn’t you be able to check on your business from your device.

Now for the best part MoblTabl was built using traditional Enterprise Order Management concepts but built targeting Mobile and Online Customers. Email or Call us to hear our answers to these questions.




George Verghis is the CEO and Founder of MoblTabl. A Mobile Order Management Application. The software provides a framework that requires minimal integration time while providing an almost instantaneous Mobile Ordering Presence. George has almost 2 decades dedicated to Order Management and is now fitting in old concepts into a new mobile world.

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